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Weekly Essentials

This winter, we're adding new styles and colurways to our Weekly Essentials permanent range. Our staple, and extensively tried Monday pant, is reborn in an array of colours and material compositions forming the foundation to our new styles which include; The Classic Trench, Cropped Trench in up-cycled velvet, our Thursday pant reborn and Jim's shirt with an extra voluminous long sleeve.

We've used a mix of designer surplus and up-cycled fabrics to create a warm, colourful and expressive collection designed especially for the Coreprêt customer

New Collection
Catching Rainbows

This collection was inspired by childhood memories made from mostly found, inherited and up-cycled fabrics. Each piece tells a story, and together creates a visual landscape of memories gone by, little moments captured and enjoyed, like a light prism on a sunny afternoon.

Due to the limited fabrics, only select styles are available to purchase

Annual Collection

'Catching Rainbows' is the first iteration of our Annual Collections which focus on marrying a place for creative play with our slow fashion principals. This structure allows us to explore and innovate, without being constrained by scalability, giving us space and flexibility during the making process.

Released once a year, these collections predominantly focus on reuse principles, employing methods such as up-cycling and deconstruction, to reinterpret used and discarded fabric into new and unique garments. Units are very limited, and often only one of a kind, creating a strong sense of value in both the collection story and exclusivity of each piece.


Our choices are highly considered, ensuring we are accountable as designers at all stages of the supply chain. Our core values help us navigate our participation in the current world by acting as a filter for every decision we make.

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Our outfit - Home ‘Work’ - explores the future of sustainability by celebrating locality through design. This outfit brings together our love of tailoring and playful, yet workable silhouettes, with materiality as the muse. Shaping our vision of the future of fashion, have a read and let us know what you think!
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