Order Terms

Our production processes have been updated with the launch of our new permanent range -  Weekly Essentials

As we continue to produce inhouse for any of our Made to Order or custom pieces, we have now paired with local ethically aligned factories to produce limited run units, allowing us to meet demand whilst maintaining agency over our production line and ensuring no products go to waste or are overproduced. 

These ordering methods help minimise our environmental footprint by ensuring we only produce what is required. We create with the earth in mind, ensuring our garments are made slowly with the utmost care and precision. Made for you to last a lifetime. 

If you require any adjustments, alterations or repairs please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@corepret.com, or visit our Care Guide page for more information. 

Please read through our new order terms;

Made to Order

Selected styles in our Weekly Essential range are made to order. This means each piece is  made individually for you once you order them. We make these pieces in house and it takes approximately 5 – 28 business days to make and dispatch your order. This time frame may vary, and you will be notified of this once the order is placed and assessed. Once your order is ready to go, you will be notified via email with shipping and tracking. 

Delivery can take between 4 - 5 business days for domestic orders, depending on your location and 6 -14 business days for international orders. Once your order has been dispatched the standard shipping and return policies apply. 

 Please note that the delivery timeframes are estimates and do not take into account processing time or any current postal delays due to Covid-19

 Pre Order

Selected styles in our Weekly Essential range are Pre Order. This means the style is open for a specific window of time and we will produce a limited range of sizes. Once orders close, or sizes have been exhausted, we commence production and the arrival date will be advised on the product page. Once your order is ready to go, you will be notified via email with shipping and tracking.

Please note when purchasing Made to Order and Pre Order items, the full purchase price is charged at the time of purchase. No further charges will be applicable. 

Limited Runs

Some styles will be pre-produced, but in limited units. This allows us to have some stock on hand, whilst ensuring we do not overproduce. We carefully choose the styles that fall into this category, and if a style becomes more popular we will increase the units accordingly. 

Please note each style in the Weekly Essential range is permanent, but the fabric is limited to each drop, creating a sense of exclusivity and value towards the cloth, a sentiment we want to nurture moving forward.