Coreprêt Responsibility

Coreprêt believes in continually searching for ways in which to lessen our impact on the environment and improve our ethical standards. 

We do not claim to know everything, but we do know that we will continue to be open to discussion and innovative ways of working. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve please contact us at



Social responsibility is in an important part of Coreprêt's philosophy, and we are continually committed to doing better. We believe in supporting our community, reusing what is already in the world and sourcing suppliers and manufacturers who meet our ethical standards. 

Built into our business model is longevity, especially in our pieces. Coreprêt hopes to ensure that our pieces can be circulated in society, in their most valuable form, for the longest time possible. 

Coreprêt also hopes to be a catalyst for change. We will continue to explore issues, domestically and globally, in all manner of social categories. As we grow, we will endeavour to support causes close to our heart and ensure they always have a platform from which to spread their message. 



A portion of our garments are produced in-house by the Coreprêt teams, at our head offices, based in Perth and Melbourne. All other garments are produced in conjunction with manufacturing partners in Melbourne or abroad, using sustainable methods and materials.

Coreprêt sources designer surplus, up cycled textiles, organic natural fibres or recycled fabrics to ensure that our environmental impact is as minimal as possible. 

Our suppliers are important to our business and we expect them to meet our specific standards in relation to human rights, environmental and ethical business practices. We endeavour to keep much of our supplier network on-shore, but sometimes technology and/or availability of products means that we have to look elsewhere. 

At Coreprêt we have set sustainability goals, such as investing in carbon offset programs and working to recycle our waste fabric, that we are continually working towards. If you have any ideas about how to help us achieve these goals send us an email at


How you can help

At Coreprêt we believe in the longevity and lasting style of our pieces, so if you have finished with your Coreprêt piece, return it to us for resale or donate it to your closest opportunity shop. If you have worn your Coreprêt piece to literal pieces, you can still return it to us and we will endeavour to recycle it for you. 

If you have damaged your Coreprêt piece and you don't own a sewing machine contact us at and we can help.

A large amount of the carbon footprint made by your Coreprêt piece happens when it goes home with you. There are a number of steps you can take to lower your carbon footprint. All of these steps will also ensure that your Coreprêt piece has a longer lifespan. 

    • Only wash your piece as needed
    • Line dry your piece
    • If your piece is only dirty in one small place, spot clean it.
    • Wash on cold.

Finally, dry cleaning is a silent chemical hot house. The chemicals used to clean your clothing, which you then wear against your skin, are toxic. Try searching for a green or organic dry cleaning business near you.