A Love Letter to Coreprêt

Dear friends,

I have big news to share today, which comes from a place of deep consideration and respect for what I have built with Coreprêt and all the love and support I’ve received from you along the way. I have made the bitter sweet decision to close down all business operations of Coreprêt for the foreseeable future (please read on for specific dates, this is not forever I am simply taking an extended break)

Corepret has been a constant in my life for the past 6 years, like an old friend, a loved one, a home. It’s been my space for creative expression, self fulfilment, exploration and joy. A space that lives in the emotional and the physical - I’ve poured my heart and soul into this vision, it’s been the greatest gift to follow my dreams and see the smiles on customers faces when they’ve finally found that piece of clothing that fits perfectly and that I know will live on in wardrobes across our community for years to come. 

Coreprêt started as a testing ground for up-cycled propositions and evolved into a thriving small business, one I am so proud of. We’ve challenged ideas around discarded cloth, waste materials, inspired deeper connections with the clothes we wear, instigated important conversations around circular design and always designed with sustainability front of mind - Coreprêt may be micro but I’d like to think she’s big in spirit. 

I know that the time has come to close this chapter of Coreprêt, and it’s a beautiful thing to be at peace with an ending and normalising things do come to an end. Please know, this is not a goodbye forever, more of an until next time. I am taking time to consider what the next evolution will be of my creative practice, with the view of starting a new one in time to come under the same banner. 

So with that in mind, here are some key details; 

I will no longer be making clothes at scale and our AW24 will be our last collection. So if you would like a Coreprêt garment this is your time to purchase. As the majority of our pieces are made to order, I am providing the following window for orders and anything ready to ship will be available until sold out. 

Key Dates

Made to Order will shut June 16th 2024 - available on our website. If you have any questions about a style you like please get in touch and remember you can always book a studio appointment. 

Ready to Ship will be available until sold out (shipping will continue until products are sold) 

We will still be stocking with our stockist, so watch this space for further details (and I do intend to throw a goodbye party)

What the next chapter will look like?

  • Coreprêt will move away from material product and look to engage in more service based design 
  • We will be re-launching educational resources focused on our up-cycling archives
  • Our key styles will reappear in time in a new way (stay tuned if you’re an aspiring maker who wants the inside scoop on how to make tailored garment) 

But most importantly - no confirmed return date! 

I want to deeply thank a few people that have been key to Coreprêt’s success; 

Firstly my creative team of Jam Baylon, Jess Garcia, Rohan Stanley and Kat Bardsley - without you the imagery that brings Coreprêt to life would not be here, I can’t wait to make more art with you in the future. 

Glen and Scott from Rollason and Bowring, for being not only a supportive and collaborative ear on my patterns and designs, but your extensive experience has enabled our Weekly Essential pieces to be the success that they are in fit and execution. 

My beloved makers across Melbourne, whose skilled hands have assisted in the scaling up of Coreprêt and have played a key role in the brands evolution

To my fellow collaborators and small business owners, thank you for being guiding lights that have inspired my own journey and have always been a kind ear behind the scenes. I’ve met so many incredible women in this space who have become life long friends. 

To all the talent I have worked with over the years, thank you for being a pleasure to work with and one of the many Coreprêt faces, you’ve all helped bring the vision to life. 

I know Coreprêt will live on in more ways than one and you have been a wonderful community, a supportive audience and a point of purpose to create beautiful things for. 

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you 

Over the next few weeks I will be making further updates on the current business operations, but in the mean time enjoy our very last collection Long Service Leave, a poetic end to a new beginning.