Supply Chain


  • Grown on Lutruwita Country [Tasmania]  by White Gum Wool - NewMerino Certified
  • Scoured [cleaned; removing the grease, lanolin and dust] by Canterbury Wool. Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Spun by Design Spun Ltd. Napier, New Zealand 
  • Dyed by Geelong Dye House using low impact dyes [Black colourway] 

White Gum Wool ensures a no slaughter policy (including rams) where sheep are able to live out their life until their natural death, allowing for an intergenerational flock. The sheep are non-mulesed, part of a regenerative farming system and are well cared for, producing some of the finest Merino in the world. We would encourage you to visit the White Gum Wool website to learn more about their processes. 

NewMerino® Chain of Custody is an independent audit system that certifies the production system as sustainable, using holistic management guidelines, and also traces the journey of the yarn from the farm, through scouring by Canterbury Wool Scourers and milling by Design Spun.  Nan Bray maintains ownership of the fibre throughout the process, ensuring that the yarn bought is made from the White Gum Wool sheep. 

Made by Knit One Change One a B Corp certified company based out of Sydney and India.