• 100% Super Fine Merino Wool grown by White Gum Wool on Lutruwita Country [Tasmania] 
  • Coreprêt care labels - 100% Cotton, Eason Biz 
  • Coreprêt size tabs are made from 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton, sourced and produced by Britannia, India. 
  • Coreprêt designer labels are made from 100% rPet (recycled plastic) designed and produced by Avery Dennison, China. 

Care + Storage 

We recommend hand wash only or spot clean with cold water and mild, scent free washing soap
Do not bleach or use any harsh chemicals when laundering
Iron on reverse using minimal steam
Naturally freshen up your garment by hanging it in a well ventilated space out of direct sunlight to avoid over washing
Wool is unique in that it does not need frequent washing, consider brushing the surface to remove any residual dirt
Due to the finesse of this Merino, pilling will occur initially and then stop. Invest in a quality small comb to remove pilling and over time the wool will settle

Store in a sealed plastic bag or tub with cedar balls to protect from unwanted clothes moths.